Newsletter: March 2011

Dear S-STEP-eRS,

**Heartfelt thoughts to our friends and colleagues in Christchurch**
Many of you will have received news from Tom Russell today regarding our colleagues Ronnie Davey and Vince Ham in Christchurch, New Zealand. The news of the earthquake in Christchurch and its devastation has been heartbreaking. Ronnie sent a message to say that they are safe and their house is still standing, although the city itself is just like a war zone and all will be struggling for a long time to come to rebuild and restore their lives. The aftershocks continue and many of the buildings that are still standing are marked for demolition. We send our thoughts and wishes to Ronnie and Vince and to all who have been affected by this tragedy.

**Schedule of SSTEP sessions at AERA**
Renee Clift and Jim Muchmore (our SSTEP program chairs) have prepared an excellent summary of the SSTEP sessions of AERA this year. Because this newsletter cannot accommodate attachments, please go to  (from Thurs afternoon EST) to download a copy. It will be a very convenient way to follow the SSTEP sessions and this year, fortunately, we have only one slot with competing sessions, so we look forward to a great audience at every SSTEP session!

**Preconference Doctoral Seminar: April 6-7**
SSTEP will be sponsoring a third seminar for doctoral students in self-study at AERA in New Orleans. The seminar will begin on April 6 at 2 pm, and will continue on April 7. Location TBA.  SIG members or friends with doctoral students in self-study are asked to share this information with their students and encourage them to attend.  If interested, they should e-mail

The purposes of this seminar are:
* To provide support to doctoral students working on self-study research, including discussion of their individual projects/dissertations
* To allow doctoral students to get to know members of the Self-Study SIG as well as members of related SIGs and each other
* To introduce doctoral students to the always-stimulating Invisible College, organized at each AERA by the Self-Study SIG’s Stefinee Pinnegar

We will work intensively on the 6th (beginning at 2 pm), in order to be sure everyone’s project gets attention, and then weave in and out of useful sessions of the Invisible College all day Thursday. This is a great opportunity both to receive support for your work, and also to meet and network with people who will be welcoming you as a colleague when you are finished with graduate school. (Early career scholars are also welcome to attend.)

**Preconference/Invisible College: April 7**
A reminder that the S-STEP pre conference will be held in conjunction with Invisible College this year at AERA. A breakfast session will be held for the SSTEP preconference on Thurs April 7th. The topic of the SSTEP pre conference session will be: Teaching self-study to others: possibilities, potential and pitfalls.  This is a great opportunity to be able to meet and socialise with members of the SSTEP SIG, as well as connecting with colleagues in other related areas of teacher education research prior to the conference and to discuss issues related to researching teacher education and self-study before the rush of the main conference, and to focus sustained thinking around particular topics that are interesting and relevant to our communities. Please come along – newcomers and experienced all warmly welcome!
Details about the venue and times for preconference and IC to follow.

**Mahatma Gandi 2011 Summer Institute: Building Peaceful communities **
Two of our SSTEP colleagues will be teaching one of the classes at the Mahatma Gandi Summer Institute this year.

The Departments of Secondary Education and Elementary Education at the University of Alberta and the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for World Peace will sponsor the Mahatma Gandhi 2011 Summer Institute: Building Peaceful Communities. This institute is coordinated by the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development, University of Alberta.

Objectives: The purpose of the Summer Institute is to provide students with:
1. A background in theoretical and research work in community building;
2. An opportunity to infuse their understandings of community with a Gandhian perspective;
3. An opportunity to engage with other practitioners around issues of building peaceful communities.

Structure: There are 3 separate 3-credit graduate level courses organized into an Institute format. Each student will enroll in one course. The 3 courses are in the areas of curriculum making around commu-nity, narrative inquiries with children and youth and self-study of teaching practice. In addition to the courses, there will a welcoming reception, 2 film afternoons and 3 afternoon lectures (open to the pub-lic). All students are required to attend these events.

If you are interested in learning more about this please download the brochure from or contact Mary Lynn Hamilton directly for information about the course she is teaching, at

See you soon in new Orleans,
Mandi Berry

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