Nominations for Officer Positions

The S-STEP SIG is currently accepting nominations for two officer positions: Chair-Elect and Treasurer. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, or if you know of someone who is interested, please send your nomination to Deb Tidwell, SSTEP SIG past chair. Before submitting your nomination, please do contact the individual to confirm an interest in running for the position.  The following are the descriptions of the Chair-Elect and Treasurer as described in the SIG by-laws.

Section 3. Treasurer The Treasurer shall be responsible for managing and reporting on the financial accounts of the SIG and the safe keeping of all financial documents of the SIG. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining membership records and coordinating with AERA administration in matters of membership.

Section 5. The Chair-Elect.  The Chair-Elect shall be responsible for assisting the Chair in maintaining responsibility and providing leadership for all S-STEP SIG activities, supporting the Program Committee and planning the annual social event. (After serving two years as Chair Elect, the officer becomes Chair of the SIG. After serving two years as Chair, the officer becomes Immediate Past Chair – see descriptions below for those roles)

  • Section 1. Chair. The Chair shall be responsible for the general administration of the SIG, for ensuring that the SIG Bylaws are followed, and shall act as liaison between the SIG and AERA and the SIG and the SIG Executive Committee. The Chair shall maintain responsibility and provide leadership for all SSTEP SIG activities. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the SIG’s Executive Committee and at the Annual Business Meeting. The Chair shall act as parliamentarian or shall appoint a SIG member to serve in that role for each meeting. The Chair shall appoint ad hoc committees as needed. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Chair of the SIG shall appoint persons to assist officers, to chair committees or to carry out other work of the SIG.
  • Section 6. The Immediate Past Chair. The Immediate Past Chair shall be responsible for assisting the Chair and Chair-Elect in maintaining responsibility and providing leadership for all S-STEP SIG activities, chairing the nominations committee for the election of new officers and recruiting nominations from committee members.

Please submit your nominations soon. We would like to have our roster of candidates submitted by the end of May. The election for these positions will occur later this year.

Deborah L. Tidwell, PhD

Professor & Coordinator – Literacy Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

University of Northern Iowa


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